MIR is a designer who made digital product. He is interested in soloving existing problems or
creating new concepts for a better user experience. And enjoy the process of making and testing interesting ideas.
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FOMU is a music service concept design that recommends 7 albums every day.
It provides a fun music experience with simple structure, color transitions and fluid interaction.
2018, Personal Work, UX, UI, Interaction, Prototyping
This is reimagined a mail service based on three core values: inbox, composer and search.
Make the top of mail writing screen flexible structure, user can quickly check the schedule and select recipients.
2018, Personal Work, UX, UI, Interaction, Prototyping
NAVER Cloud Onboarding Animation
This project is an onboarding animation for introducing new features of NAVER Cloud.
Each scenario is animated. So we could communicate our message clearly.
2018, Co-Work, UX, UI, Interaction, Prototyping, Animation
Social Graph For Philosophy
This is an infographic that organizes the history of Western philosophy based on the book 'Sofies verden' written by Jostein Gaarder.
2014, Personal Work, Graphic Design, Infographic, Poster Design
copyright by Wonyong Choi.2018

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